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Meet our lead business consultant

Karla Wentworth

With over 20 years of business operational support, Karla has played a leading role in some impressive UK corporate businesses as well as global companies. A guiding voice to leadership teams and delivery processes, Karla has been asked to advise on some significant large-scale programs of activity.


Now passionate about small business, Karla wants to deliver her guiding principles to help others to achieve their goals.


Passion for performance

Karla has led both large teams that required focus and motivation to achieve their aggressive goals and nurtured small teams that have transformed themselves into successful departments with top-class performance.

This has all been born from Karla's desire to continually improve by cultivating a vision and defining a pathway to success. Karla founded Vantage Clever in 2019 to support other businesses using her expertise in marketing operations and transformation. It has seen her once again, lend her experience to some successful corporate businesses on how to transform their marketing, drive efficiency through their processes and reach their goals.

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As well as other business ventures, startups and partnerships, Karla is keen to deliver benefit to small businesses who often feel they cannot afford business consultant support and are missing out on the valuable experience that could accelerate their business progress.

Starting with a FREE 1-hour session, Karla is passionate about making business support accessible to all and demonstrating the benefits that can be achieved.

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Fixed fee hourly rates

Engaging with a business consultant often feels expensive and out of reach. We want our customers to feel like help is accessible and affordable so that their ideas and businesses can become a huge success.

Business growth expertise, accessible to everyone.

The 4 guiding principles

We use a number of tools and techniques that are all tailored to suit your specific needs. This means you get bespoke support and the journey that works for you, all based around 4 key principles.

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Know yourself

  • Understand data and finance

  • Understand expenditure and budgets

  • Understand overheads and outgoings

  • Understand existing customers - value, effort, demographic etc.

Know your goals

  • Define and document your vision

  • Discuss and document achievable goals

  • define priority and sequencing for action

Know your product

  • Prioritise your product base

  • Understand the difference and value of USP and 'me too'

  • Connect your product to your finances and goals

Know your audience

  • Understand your existing and desired audiences

  • Align products to exact audiences

  • Target your marketing spend at the right people

How it works
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