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We are process people

Technology is the enabler of fantastic processes. It also means that if you're processes aren't quite right, your technology won't be either. And that means everythign will take longer and feel harder. Don't worry, we're masters of process!

Mapping your processes >>>

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What is marketing operations anyway?

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Marketing operations make up nearly 80% of every marketing process. It's the preparation, process, and execution of marketing activity.


It's driving efficiency and optimising effectiveness into every campaign. It's selecting and specialising in marketing technology and functionality. It's managing suppliers, audits, regulation. It's being a digital exert managing data and reporting tools.

Vantage Clever is the Marketing Operations consultancy and we'll proudly demonstrate why we're an authority in MOp's.


That's why we are retained by B2B Marketing, advising some of the largest global businesses on operational expertise in their marketing departments.

What is MOps

Save time, resources and money,
re-engineer your processes

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Regardless of the technology you have, the processes surrounding it will dictate its success. Processes should be regularly reviewed and improved to be sure you are making the most of your resource and technology.

Vantage Clever specialise in lean process mapping and re-engineering to get the very best from your processes.

Whether you have new technology or want to make some cost savings within your department, processes mapping and re-engineering will deliver you benefits and inform good business decisions.

Lean process

Project management, campaign management, workflow management

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At the centre of every effective marketing department is a workflow management tool.

Not only is it the hub of all operations, but it is also an auditable and transparent view of what everyone has to do or is doing. Tame the chaos of day to day activities with a system that reports your activities, productivity and budget impacts.

Vantage Clever are one the leading workflow tool selection, implementation, integration and training. There's no better hands to be in.

If you're looking for a workflow management tool we can help you to find and execute the right tool for you, but why not start by reading our free tool selection guide.

Agile marketing

Interested in Agile Marketing?

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At its core, Agile marketing is a campaign management technique where teams agree and focus their collective efforts on high-value projects, complete those projects cooperatively, measure their impact, and then continuously and incrementally improve the results over time. 

But every company is different and often have multiple project management techniques taking place inside their business.

Vantage Clever are specialists in agile marketing and can help to tailor agile principles to your marketing team that does not conflict with other areas of the business.

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