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Create one cohesive
martech ecosystem

with Adobe Workfront Fusion


Introducing Workfront Fusion

In today’s vast technology landscape, it is never been more important that your platforms are connected aligning your systems and your processes. With Fusion, you can connect Workfront to your other business critical applications to boost productivity and increase efficiency.

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Step 1: Workfront
After choosing Workfront as your enterprise work management software, your team can effectively collaborate in one central system, reducing effort with automation and have access to valuable operations data. Adding a platform like Workfront to your technology stack will increase resource capacity and speed up your work processes!

But why stop there?

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Step 2: Map your Processes
As a Workfront Fusion certified partner, Vantage Clever is skilled in connecting Workfront to your technology stack to create one cohesive technology ecosystem. We have a number of integration experts on staff with extensive experience in connecting Workfront to dozens of different web-based applications.

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Step 3: Implement Fusion
In today’s remote working climate it is increasingly important that your technology ecosystem connects to create a single version of the truth. Fusion can enable;

  • Create a single operational system of record by sharing data across your business critical applications

  • Automated alignment of your systems and processes

  • Maintaining a single version of the truth across your technology stack

Having a disconnect technology stack will not only increase cost and increase opportunity for error, but it will also slow you down. If your systems don’t talk to each other you run the risk of creating data silos, duplicating effort and making mistakes.

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How it works

Using Fusion, data can flow freely across all of your applications increasing your team’s productivity and efficiency by giving them a single connected solution to manage and execute thier work. Fusion can connect to virtually any other web-based application, allowing you to stop manually replicating data into different systems and automatically gather and sync information to the right applications, at the right time.

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