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TV adverts targeting your customers at affordable prices

Get a TV advert on your customer's TV sets with our Sky SmartAds packages.

We can guarantee you the same data-driven targeted advertising that we are all used to on the web, but now into your customers living rooms, amongst their favourite TV shows.

Sky use ground-breaking data targeting techniques, which means we can identify who is in the home, when they are likely to be watching TV and that they will be the right target audience for your products. Making SmartAds one of the most effective marketing techniques in the modern age.

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We know what you're thinking

"Isn't TV advertising expensive?"

It used to be. But now, thanks to the clever data selections, you no longer have to pay to advertise to hundreds of thousands of viewers or bid for one of the 24 hours in a day. Sky viewers have hundreds of relevant channels and not all of them are your ideal customers. Our special targeting and data selection process means that you can advertise to 5,000 customers who are your ideal customers for as little as £3,000.


Don’t just take our word for it...
Statistics show that 49% of internet users are likely to buy from targeted advertising and now we can get that same level of targeting via AdSmart

Have more questions? Just ask.

Using data to identify your customer, we can push your advert live on any of these channels where your ideal customers are watching their favourite shows.

Reach your perfect customers 

whatever their interest

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But where does my advert come from?

Don't worry, we've got that covered.

We don't just film you an incredible advert that represents your brand, products and services but we also put your advert through clear cast which is the regulation required for TV advertising. And what's more, because we are marketing experts, we will make sure that your entire customer journey is perfect. So once customers see your advert, they get the same quality experience on your website or when they purchase from you.

Take a look at our work...

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Our packages

Targeted advertising is more than just a great-looking commercial. We’ve got that covered. But what you get with our joined-up approach is carefully selected audiences that truly match your customers, expert advice on how to complete the customer journey across all your channels and all of this with a personal touch that’s designed to help the average business.

Bronze Package

Carefully crafted message for the average business with added targeting and great marketing advice


  • 1x concept / idea generation

  • 1x 30-second advert

  • All TV clearance completed

  • Buyers journey review

  • 1x marketing consultation session

  • Including Sky minimum data selection £3,000



Silver Package

Additional ideas and elements to use in your wider marketing. Voice overs and act


  • Up to 3x concept / idea generations

  • 1x 30-second advert

  • 1 longer edit and smaller snippets for social media

  • Voice over or actors*

  • All TV clearance completed

  • Buyers journey review

  • 3x marketing consultation sessions

  • Including Sky minimum data selection £3,000



*actors provided within reasonable requirements



Gold Package

Larger project with multiple brands or high profile requirements

  • Speak to us about your brief

  • Including Sky minimum data selection £3,000

Have more questions? Just ask.

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