Free your marketing teams to focus on what they do best

With help from our experienced, qualified and approachable consultants you can easily free up your marketing teams, giving them the thinking space they need to deliver the successful marketing campaigns.

From simple marketing administration support to large scale marketing transformation’s – we have the knowledge and experience to maximise your efficiency.

We are flexible to business needs so can be there when you need us. Whether that’s a team of consultants, implanted team members, or for you to outsource your marketing operations work to. We tailor our services to suit you.

Our operational services 

at a glance

As well as campaign management support, we offer a range of services that can help your marketing teams. Here are just a few areas we have already had success in and can be tailored to you. With our experience in Marketing Operations, we’re sure we can identify the right solution for you.

Dynamic Communications


Personalising content within marketing material is proven to be the most effective marketing tactic for one on one communications. There are many technical solutions available to capture data about your market or customers and dynamically produce communications they would be open to receiving.

Vantage Clever are able to identify the right tool for your business by navigating complex RFP processes, help to implement software solutions into your business with your IT department, bridging the gap between IT and marketing, help you to set up or review your chosen software solution or provide bespoke training solutions for your department which are often difficult to tailor to each business need. With programme managers, technical architects, business analysts and even developers on hand, we can support all your business needs.



Transformation can be a scary word and often means huge programmes of change for large corporate businesses. As digital continues to drive changes throughout all marketing activity, it has never been more important to ensure your people and processes are optimised for the activity ahead. Vantage Clever has supported global Fortune 500 companies to implement large scale global transformation programmes but we also help to support smaller projects of change, it’s all important to us.

Marketing Automation


Removing manual processes from your marketing department can be a huge cost reduction and also a big revenue generator. Systems that integrate with your CRM, that generate communications to your customers or leads for your sales teams do both of these things but can also be expensive and complex to set up and integrate into your business.

Vantage Clever consultants can help you to identify the right solution for your needs, to ensure you implement it correctly into you business and to train the software to your team. People are important to us and we’ll even help you to recruit the right roles if you need them. With experience in all the latest mar-tech solutions and a passion for data led marketing, Vantage Clever will support you to drive the right digital solutions to your customers.

Contracts/Supplier Management


Marketing departments have multiple external suppliers and keeping tight control over who they are, what they deliver and how much they cost is tricky and very time-consuming. Amongst our Vantage Clever consultants are experienced supplier managers who have a wealth of knowledge in procurement, contract negotiation, supplier consolidation, budget control and marketing finance integration. All of this means every penny is tracked through your marketing department and you can be sure you are getting the very best from it.

Compliance, Risk & Governance


No marketer wants to be restricted by the shackles of compliance. But with GDPR, data protection and complex regulated environments, it’s vital that processes to protect our marketing colleagues, our businesses and ultimately our customers from unwanted consequences are in place.

Vantage Clever have significant experience in the Financial Services industry and amongst our consultants are qualified risk professionals who understand how to navigate regulatory rule and guidance without compromising marketing ideas. Adapting your systems and processes to ensure you document actions for audit purposes whilst maximising revenue opportunities all whilst staying within the boundaries of regulatory rulings is one of our key skill sets.

Print / Production Solutions


Despite an increasing digital age, a mix of marketing channels remains the strongest way to increase take-up rates. Vantage Clever has vast experience in print management from advising on print techniques to delivering multi-million unit direct mail production. This includes VAT mitigation/compliance, budget control, tenders, supplier management, stock control, postage, hybrid mail, transactional mail and all in bespoke environments for projects to suit your needs.

Campaign Management


Running a campaign or project is the bread and butter of any marketing department and also a crucial role within any marketing team. Campaign management is the hub of marketing and the most valuable operational role for making your strategic ideas come to life.

Vantage Clever have worked with large marketing departments with dedicated campaign management teams and smaller teams with generic marketers who pick up this role. From implementing leading marketing project management technology to plain old best practice campaign management processes, we can help you to get the best from any situation, maximise your strategic ideas and make your campaigns work as hard as they can.

Marketing Budgets


As creative as marketing can be, the real science is in data. At Vantage Clever we are passionate about data and it is never more important than in your budgeting and performance processes. From setting up your marketing budgets and plans, monitoring their performance to reporting and presenting back to your board or shareholders. Knowing effortlessly where every penny of your campaign budget has been spent is the only way to know how it is truly financially performing and the best way to easily get more!

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