Agile but tailored for Marketing

Agile methodology is usually associated with the IT industry. It was developed as a way of delivering IT projects specifically, but draws on Lean principles that were developed from Manufacturing roots.


Agile marketing is fast becoming a more desirable way for marketing teams to operate in the digital world but it is very different from the average IT department.


We have adapted the agile manifesto specifically with marketing in mind. Our methods improve teams by helping them manage work more efficiently, do work more effectively and all whilst delivering the highest quality campaigns within the constraints of the budget.

Some of our Agile Success Stories

80% reduction in waste

Root cause analysis highlighted that only 20% of calls received to a busy team were relevant. Once aware, processes were developed to funnel contacts to the correct area reducing wasted effort an improving customer satisfaction

A struggling pensions team


83% operating cost saving

A team of 12 streamlined to 2 by automating and engineering processes meaning the headcount could be distributed to new areas, helping a busy pensions team enormously

Root cause Analysis

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Our Qualifications


We have experienced Agile Consultants, who are professionally qualified in Lean Six Sigma, Prince II and Agile. Having worked within Fortune 500 and FTSE 250 companies, as well as small new teams, we know we are practiced with all the tools, tips and techniques needed to drive productive agile marketing teams.

Operational excellence is our business and we care about helping our clients to succeed.